Thing 13

I viewed the presentation Teaching Kids to Think Using Scatch.  It demonstrated free software that allows you to develop small programs. Scratch was very intuitive and I loved how it not only could teach actual mathematical content, but it really emphasized logical thinking and problems solving.  It could allow students to create code without having to really know any syntax.  As a former computer programmer, I would never have considered trying to teach a lower school students to program.  It can be so tedious and detail oriented that they would get lost in the syntax.  With a tool like this, however, they could get a taste of how program instructions work without the frustration of missing a semicolon.

I will be teaching upper school students, so I think that this might be too elementary for them.  Not that they wouldn’t have fun playing with it.  I will share this with some lower school teachers.  My daughter watched the video on it and she is trying to figure out how to download it on the ipad as I write this.

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