Thing 7

I called a good friend of mine this morning that is a 4th grade teacher at my former school.  I was telling her about my new job and this class I was taking.  I mentioned that in my new experience with blogging and RSS reader, I found this cool site, Glogster.   She was very interested in it.  Her students do extensive research and many different activities on the state of his or her choice.  One of those activities is creating a large poster featuring that chosen state.  So when I got to thing 7, the choice of site to explore was easy.  I set out to make my first glog.

The tool was pretty easy to use.  A few times I had some trouble finding things, but realized I just need to scroll down more.  I created a glog about my vacation to the beach.  I only spent about 45 minutes on it, but could have worked for hours.  I had fun and I think that students would much rather be making a glog that pasting pictures onto a poster board.  As far as Bling vs. Bang, I think it has both.  It could be used for just fun projects such as the one I did.  It can also be used as a tool to synthesis and share information.  I can see my friend’s 4th graders working on their state glog.  Adding information that they have learned.  Putting in pictures and even some dialogue or music.  After they are complete, I see them posted on the teacher website and each student reading and commenting on his or her friend’s work.

I hope my friend ends up using this site, I certainly plan to.

It was just my first try, but if you would like to check out my glog, click here.

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