Thing 4

When I read the post, Why I Don’t Assign Homework, by Dan Myer, I was very comforted.  It occurred to me that one of the really nice things about blogs is when you read one that you can related to, it can be very comforting.  As a former math teacher and a former math student, I hated dealing with homework.  I tried many different ways to incorporate it into my classroom.  I always really just wanted to do what Dan did, but always felt it would not be acceptable.  I loved how he had some personal research to back it up and really stood by his decision.

When I read another math post that was done a student, Intro to Circular Functions, that demonstrated to me just how conversational blogging really is.  It is more casual and the blogger doesn’t seem pressured to be the perfect writer.  The give and take of a conversation can help to clarify what is being said, as well as to expand on it.  All involved are involved in the learning process.

I enjoyed all of the posts I read.  Each one gave me something to think about.

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