Thing 2

Web 2.0 is such a powerful weapon in a teacher’s arsenal.  It seems that it has changed so quickly, but the more I think about it, it has been here for quite awhile.  Teachers just didn’t see the connection at first and the ones that did, didn’t always have the support and resources they needed to pursue it.  When I started my graduate work in 2004, my professors were using Moodle and Web CT in my classes.  Posting information and using discussion threads was so simple yet powerful.  When I started teaching again, I was disappointed that I didn’t have the resources for using this sort of software.  No one was using it.  In 2008, a teacher I shared a room with started tweeting his homework assignments for his Latin classes.  Progress was happening, but it was just so slow in my previous school.  I am very excited to be starting at a school that is on the cutting edge of technology.  These cool new innovative ways to teach and learn are not only supported, but encouraged.  I’m not sure how this will change as we go forward.  I am just really looking forward to experiencing what is there now.

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